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Reilly Group is an independent Australian hospitality group with seven venues across Sydney & NSW.

We love pubs & we love serving our locals. Old-school hospitality at the heart of what we do.


“When you’re a parent with kids kicking a ball around all weekend, there’s a good chance you’re going to be keen on somewhere to drink at the end of the day,” says Ray Reilly, certified pub-lover and founder of Reilly Group. “We want to create the kind of spaces those parents can bring the whole family and everyone’s properly catered for.
“We also love our front-bar regulars who have stood by the venues through thick and thin, and we want to cater to them too. A pub can – and should – be many different things to many people. When it’s run by honest hard-working people who listen to the community, it’s easy to make that happen.”

Reilly Group aims to give back to the people for whom a great pub is so vital. 


With more than 25 years in hotel operation and management, Reilly Group has grown into a collective of like-minded people who aim to bring their pub guests exceptional service and have a little fun along the way. 


At the heart of the group is Ray, who moved to Sydney from Ireland in 1997 and began his hospitality career pulling schooners at Surry Hills’ Trinity Bar. After becoming manager and eventually buying the bar’s leasehold, Ray set his sights on pubs with great potential to become community hubs, and bought Marrickville’s much-loved and pokie-free Henson in 2013. 


Today, Reilly Group has seven venues in its portfolio, built on Ray’s reputation and his knowledge of the hospitality landscape. The group knows how to create a compelling venue that fits well within its community, whether the pub is on a busy street in Sydney or in the heart of the Southern Highlands.

The key to success is finding the right people to run the pubs, says Ray. “We operate more like a collective these days, with a close group of people running the pubs and I can provide mentoring and consultancy as needed."


“The business owners at the helm of the venues – Ged Dore, Tommy Hall, Luke Dryland and Laurence Collins – are part of their communities and locals themselves.”


Reilly Group aims to keep reinvigorating hotels to their former glory and give back to the people for whom a great pub is so vital. 

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